How do you take product/solution ideas to the next level? By leap-frogging your customers and engaging your locale as much as possible. In this video (transcribed below), I lay out my evaluation approach and share some real-world issues I’d like to help solve.

I’m using this presentation to talk about ideas that seem to be increasing in frequency throughout many online communities — namely, finding alternatives to the status quo.

Software product development has been all about creating new solutions to solve problems.

But there is still an idea that I call “the last mile to individuals” that needs…

This week I’m attending the 3-day Couchbase Connect event and will be reporting on some of the topics that I find most interesting. Today I’m reviewing one of the New N1QL Features coming in the next release, presented by Keshav Murthy, VP R&D at Couchbase. This session is available as a replay on-demand once you register.

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The first day saw many sessions but I knew the N1QL update section would have a lot of technical innovations. N1QL is the SQL-like query language used on JSON documents stored in Couchbase. …

I’m not a Tesla investor (nor a good fanboy) but I learned a lot during a recent project where I had to dig into some of their financial reports. Here’s what I learned about one of their profitability numbers, gross margin.

Thankfully, for you, this is not financial advice but observations from an amateur armchair analyst studying managerial finance. Thanks for reading!

Tesla provides a really nice, clear, shareholder presentation for each quarter. If you have not seen their summaries before, they are very accessible, e.g., see the PDF slides for Q3 2020 here. …

Both NoSQL databases and modern Blockchain ledgers benefit from a set of common principles. When they are both implemented for an application a lot can be accomplished as the platforms can complement each other.

In this article (see original guest blog:, we review two synergistic overlaps that look at how Couchbase’s NoSQL platform could support your next enterprise distributed ledger application, e.g. based on Hyperledger. This topic is very deep, but I only touch on two superficial ideas to help map out the commonalities and opportunities: distributed computing, and world state.

For more information on Blockchain in general I…

Continuing my day 3 coverage of the Couchbase Connect event with this important set of concepts for enterprise data architects and developers. Many products solve for global issues and load balancing but unless a platform is built from the ground up with the necessary backbones, it becomes a nightmare to manage.

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Enter Neil Huang and Chaitra Ramarao’s talk: Deep Dive on Cross-Platform, Multi-Region, Active-Active Replication.

Day 2 of attending the Couchbase Connect event and, as promised in my last report, I dive a little more into some of the N1QL query updates that impact full-text searching.

As an aside, I used to work at Couchbase and was the Product Manager that launched the Full-Text Search product — so it is near to my heart even now. That is why I’m doing my “Simplified Text Search” talk on Friday at the same event. More on that at the end of this article.

Full-text search (FTS aka Search) is a topic of its own but all you…

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It takes more than releasing a product to make it successful — everyone must be involved in selling it.

When talking with people about their goto market strategy, the discussion always turns to the customer. Who is the customer, what personas are we targeting, what channels are best to leverage, what collateral do we need, etc?

What this conversation often assumes is that once the engineering and product teams are ready to “launch” the product — the rest of the organization takes over. Sales and Marketing are passed the baton and run with it.

But I encourage teams to adopt a slight mental trick to up their game. …

Tyler Mitchell

Tech Advisor | Product/Marketing Coach | 1MITCHELL Mgt. | Former roles: PM @Couchbase @Actian, Exec/Founder @OSGeo, Publisher @LocatePress, Author @OReillyMedia

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